The Mysterious Case of The 1930’s Torso Killer Unsolved to this Day Unsolved to this day, the Torso Killer was one of the most mysterious serial killers in history. Discover what little is known about this mysterious case with this article. Facebook Twitter Reddit Background of the Torso Killer’s crimes The Torso Killer remains an …

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In 1983, British serial killer Dennis Nilsen was convicted of six counts of murder and two of attempted murder. Discover the incredible backstory behind this monstrous criminal.

Discover the true nature of Mexican drug cartels and what motivates them to keep thriving in a dangerous world. Get an inside look at their tactics, structure, and operations.

Sit back and prepare to be disturbed! From biopics to psychological dramas, check out five of the most haunting serial killer movies based on true stories compiled here.

Pigeons have a long history of transporting drugs—and also wearing tiny backpacks, apparently.

For Japanese death row executioners it’s like a firing squad – at least one of which will have a blank cartridge instead of a live round.

It’s so wild to me how in such a normal looking street, something so sinister could happen. The Murder House makes you realize how mortal you are and how life can be gone in a blink of an eye.

Officials said on Wednesday that The Candy Man, a former henchman of one of the most known serial murderers in the Houston region, has passed away from COVID-19.

A new generation of teenage narcos in Colombia is selling pink cocaine, which is a combination of ketamine, MDMA, and pink food coloring. Authorities in Europe are seizing it more often.

Viktor Bout “The merchant of death” a convicted Russian arms dealer who has been killing Americans is considered for prisoner swap for Brittney Griner and other imprisoned Americans in Russia.

Nxivm cult founder Keith Raniere was convicted last year of racketeering, sex trafficking, child pornography possession and other crimes.

On Monday, authorities announced that a local man had been arrested as a suspect in the 2013 murders of two teenagers in Indiana, ending a five-and-a-half-year nationwide manhunt.

Albuquerque Head of Tennessee said “I got one!” as he dragged the officer into the mob.

The prison sentence is just the start of the legal troubles for the former senior advisor to Donald Trump.