All things FOOD.

So how much caffeine is in a decaf Coffee? The process of decaffeination removes most of the caffeine but can leave some traces, so people with extreme caffeine sensitivities should be cautious.

The classic meme was born through the 2012 4Chan post captioned “This is the lettuce you eat at burger king”.

“I was able to convince some barbers after showing them what was obtainable in the USA or UK. They began to open up and listen to me. Many others continued to ignore me.” – Odemwingie on collecting hair for his edible mushrooms.

Had you been doing your laundry or taking a shower at the time, RIP. Wine tears.

The next time you need to feed a crowd, warm your heart, or binge-watch “The Office,” whip up a pot of Brian Baumgartner’s (formerly known as Kevin Malone’s) hearty meat and bean chili.

The Mayor of Flavortown is ready to change the world.

People who expect themselves to reach unrealistic heights may be prone to reaching for the bottle.