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So how much caffeine is in a decaf Coffee? The process of decaffeination removes most of the caffeine but can leave some traces, so people with extreme caffeine sensitivities should be cautious.

The worst headaches were treated by drilling a hole in the skull during a procedure called trepanation.

The classic meme was born through the 2012 4Chan post captioned “This is the lettuce you eat at burger king”.

Jon Brower Minnoch was the fattest person in the world weighing 1400 pounds. Minnoch died at age of 42.

Conjoined Twins Abby and Brittany beaten the odds and have become successful teachers.

For Japanese death row executioners it’s like a firing squad – at least one of which will have a blank cartridge instead of a live round.

The Goiânia accident teaches us a bitter lesson about the effects of radioactive contamination in a modern metropolitan setting.

Pornhub is revealing what X-rated shows Americans like to watch by showing the most popular searches on the site for 2022.

A new generation of teenage narcos in Colombia is selling pink cocaine, which is a combination of ketamine, MDMA, and pink food coloring. Authorities in Europe are seizing it more often.

Despite coffin houses being deemed “an insult to human dignity,” by the United Nations, for 200,000 individuals, there is still no other option.

200 foot tall Garbage Mountains near Delhi are constantly on fire due to all the released methane gas.

After eating the Sarpa Salpa, Joe Roberts of National Geographic experienced sci-fi themed hallucinations, futuristic vehicles, images of space exploration, and monuments marking humanity’s first trips into space.

North Dakota’s John Thompson became famous overnight in January 1992, when he survived having both arms ripped off on his Hurdsfield, ND farm.

“The user will likely feel disorientated or euphoric. “The whole thing takes about 30 seconds.”

Had you been doing your laundry or taking a shower at the time, RIP. Wine tears.

CTV footage from northern China’s Inner Mongolia region shows dozens of sheep aimlessly walking in a circle for no apparent reason.

Reactivation of hair-growth genes causes congenital hypertrichosis, better known as Werewolf Syndrome.

Dillon Marsh, an artist from Cape Town, South Africa, uses photography to explore the tenuous relationship between humans and the world around us.

Thanks to these brains eye health researchers can better determine how to treat early retinal illnesses by understanding how eyes develop.

Toshisuke Kanazawa, at age 86, became the oldest competitor in the history of the Japan Bodybuilding Championships.