US History

The most interesting stories throughout US history.

You can do more than recycle a BLM post on Instagram.

Sit back and prepare to be disturbed! From biopics to psychological dramas, check out five of the most haunting serial killer movies based on true stories compiled here.

Jon Brower Minnoch was the fattest person in the world weighing 1400 pounds. Minnoch died at age of 42.

Lobotomy, a once-popular treatment for mental illness, involved severing connections in the brain.

No remains or physical proof of Rockefeller’s death have been discovered.

North Dakota’s John Thompson became famous overnight in January 1992, when he survived having both arms ripped off on his Hurdsfield, ND farm.

A tiger secretly living in an apartment in Harlem named Ming shared a bed with him each night and was “lovable” and “affectionate.